Comanche Sundown

TCU Press

“When historical fiction works, readers believe things might really have happened in ways that exist only in a writer’s imagination. The author’s task is even tougher when his cast includes well-known, real-life figures, and the difficulty multiplies when the story is set in the Old West, since devotees are fiercely protective of their personal interpretations and their heroes. Only the best writers (Elliott Arnold in Blood Brothers, Larry McMurtry in Lonesome Dove) can do it convincingly, and with Comanche Sundown Jan Reid demonstrates he belongs in the elite. … Arizona novelist Glenn Boyer, who enjoys bending history to suit his fiction whims, has a saying: ‘If it didn’t happen that way, it should have.’ That perfectly summarizes the appeal of Comanche Sundown.”


- Jeff Guinn, author of The Last Gunfight




“In a gripping work of historical fiction, Jan Reid does for the Comanches what Dances With Wolves did for the Lakotas. … These characters love, fight, and chase dreams and salvation in gritty, graphic ways that textbooks can’t convey.”


—Todd M. Kerstetter, author of God’s Country, Uncle Sam’s Land