The Improbable Rise of Redneck Rock

University of Texas Press

“Jan Reid and Melinda Wickman have produced a comprehensive, intimate and unpretentious account of a developing ‘good music’ phenomenon as it materialized in one of the world’s most congenial environments. From Janis and Threadgill through the acid rockers and up to Willie Nelson’s succession of shit-kicker outdoor agonies—the story is as energized and affecting as the music itself.”


—Billy Lee Brammer, author of The Gay Place



“Reid’s book is a classic, and its prescience is a thing of wonder. Today there are literally hundreds of performers who owe their sound if not their very existence to the curious amalgamation that Reid captured in his book. … This updated version is of immense cultural value and will surely appeal to a generation of music lovers for whom ‘redneck rock’ is simply a natural occurrence, albeit one of obscure origins.”


—Robert Draper, author of Rolling Stone Magazine: An Uncensored History